Sarajevo 2012: A Meeting of War Reporters & Sarajevo Friends

Sarajevo 2012: A Meeting of War Reporters & Sarajevo Friends

For the 20th anniversary of the war, foreign reporters who covered the war in Bosnia are coming back from all around the world to meet their Sarajevo friends.
The meeting is taking place the all week of the anniversary, from Monday, April 2nd, until Sunday, April 8th.

Many events are taking place all around the city, organized by our partners or by various Sarajevo organizations.

Our main conference is on Friday, April 6th (3pm-5.30pm), at the Holiday Inn.
The meeting is organized by Le Monde journalist Remy Ourdan, with a group of foreign reporters and friends from Sarajevo. Our conference is organized with Memory Module.

The program of ‘Sarajevo 2012’

Monday, April 2, 2012 – Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book fair organized by Centre Andre Malraux with Shahinpasic and Comme un roman bookshops, at the Holiday Inn.
Discussions with authors will take place every day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Media Center, Kolodvorska 3
18:00 – Film screening „Shooting Robert King“, Richard Parry
19:30 – Q&A with the guests: Producer of the movie Richard Parry and cameraman Vaughan Smith (director of the Frontline Film production)
20:00 – The night of Radio Zid 
Moderator/animator Aida Kalender would interview guests, some of the radio Zid contributors, /audio, video and photo reports from Radio Zid archive during the war
21:00 – Party and unofficial gathering with a DJ
23.00 – AllNight: Lobby bar open at the Holiday Inn

Thursday, April 5, 2012

10.00-15.00: Visit of the Tunel Museum with Edis Kolar, head of Tunel Museum (in Donji Kotorac, Butmir, also on Saturday).
11.00-12.00: Promotion of the virtual FAMA collection ‘The Siege of Sarajevo’ (authors and publishers of ‘Sarajevo Survival Guide’, encyclopedia ‘The Siege of Sarajevo’, ‘Sarajevo Life Magazine’, etc), at Meeting Point. Press-conference.
17.00-19.00: Exhibition of 15 young Sarajevo photographers on ‘Sarajevo today’, organized by Goethe Institute and British Council, at Kriterion (ex-cinema Tesla, on Obala, 5mn walk from HI).
21.00-22.00: 3D Mapping of The Siege of Sarajevo Museum project, based on FAMA collection, run by consortium Fama/Mess/Ogbih/YIHR BH, on the future museum location (in Park Hastahana, Marijin Dvor, 5mn walk from HI). 
23.00-AllNight: Lobby bar open at the Holiday Inn.

Friday, April 6th

09.00-14.00: Panel discussion on ‘Media in war and peace time’, Holiday Inn.
A debate on the role of the media during and since the Bosnian war – organised by the AFP Foundation and the Council of Europe, in partnership with the Press Council and Association of Journalists of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the generous support of the Irish Government. 

15.00-17.30: The main conference of ‘Sarajevo 2012’ and foreign reporters, organized by Memory Module and Nihad Kresevljakovic, who are working for the last fifteen years on the memory of the war, at the Holiday Inn.
The conference will include a screening of the photo book edited by the foreign photographers, videos and speeches.

18.00: The 2012 official ceremony organized by the City of Sarajevo.
20.00-23.00: Dinner with all foreign reporters, Sarajevo partners and friends, Holiday Inn war staff and others, at the Holiday Inn.
23.00-02.00: Rock concert, video and photo screenings, and party at Kriterion (ex-cinema Tesla, on Obala, 5mn walk from HI).
23.00-AllNight: Lobby bar open at the Holiday Inn.

Saturday, April 7th

10.00-15.00: Visit of the Tunel Museum with Edis Kolar, head of Tunel Museum (in Donji Kotorac, Butmir).
11.30-12.00: Gathering at Kurt Schork’s grave at the Lav Cimetery, with Kurt’s partner Sabina Cosic and friends. And thoughts for Paul Marchand, Miguel Gil Moreno and others.
17.00-18.00: Exhibition of photographers Dejan Vekic, Zoran Kanlic, Danilo Krstanovic, at Java Galery.
18.00-20.30: Ed Vulliamy is celebrating the launch of his new book, ‘The War is Dead, Long Live the War’, at Pansion Hondo.
19.00-20.30: Exhibition of Jim Marshall organized by Mess, at Sartre War Theater.
22.00: Party organized by Damir Niksic, at Rock Teatar Cafe.
23.00-AllNight: Lobby bar open at the Holiday Inn.

Sunday, April 8th
20.00: Farewell party, at Rock Teatar Cafe or Pivnica.

Una Bejtović,, +387 61 190 110

Other informations

The photo book
Foreign reporters are publishing a photo book on the war in Bosnia, with images from bosnian and foreign photographers taken between April 92 and December 95.
The book is edited and managed by photographers Jon Jones and Gary Knight, and Remy Ourdan (contact : and

The Holiday Inn
To book a room at the Holiday Inn, contact

Forward this email to every friend and colleague interested in Sarajevo and the war in Bosnia.
Everyone is free to join us in Sarajevo. We don’t send invitations, we don’t ask for reservations, all the events are for free.

See you in Sarajevo

In this photo: Giovanni Porta (Panorama magazine), Eligio Paoni (Contrasto Agency) – Mostar 1993 (Photo: Patrick Chauvel)

pored seada i nihada o meni se brinu još Stariša, alias Bob Guchone, Luka Perović, Stariša, MELINA KAMERIĆ, DMAJA (dopisnica iz Austro-ugarske monarhije),Žaklina E. KENEDY (ekspertica za Italiju i dopisnik iz Australije na privremenom radu u Sarajevu, povremeno Šoba nešto sroči svima, a mi objavimo, Blecker-Decker, nešto se jednostavno prepiše, a nešto objavi uz odobrenje eminentnih autora rasprostranjenih širom planete...